I pray to those that write in English
Not to italicize the foreign words any more
And, if you could, to unlearn
The word “exotic” for good.
The word has finally found its proper home:
It grins in your face
With its greenish teeth,
Sir Richard!
Scratch your itchy groin,
Declare your preference
Of chocolate over milk,
But do spare the curse word.

Nelson Mandela’s Obituary

Mandela departs
Following Arafat.
Western media were adequately generous
(We can’t thank them enough)
From whom we re-learn
These two were great leaders
Stalwart Bulwarks of
World peace...
And the media-men
Were conveniently oblivious
That neither of them fought for peace,
The world’s or the US’s—
And that both were towering figures
Of failure
As any third-world leader must needs be,
Bin Laden notwithstanding...