He wished to relish with her every winter rain,
She held his hand with a smile and said, "Even when we’re married ten!"
When she wished to be loved by him all her life,
He pulled her close and said, "I'll always be there with you, my wife!"
Years and tears rolled down her memory lane, and,
The winter breeze had slowly taught her to live with the pain.
A promise once made by him was left behind.
With his love in her heart, each day of her life,
Arms stretched, she could still feel him wrapping her tight.
One winter night as the storm clattered her window pane,
Her decade-old promise was solemnized.
When love sought an abode in their spiritual embrace,
The winter rain effaced the last tears from her beautiful face.
Calm, she closed her eyes forever to feel his grace,
And, with a smile, she softly said "Now! That we’re married ten!"